Integrity, Credibility
Finance and project Management

Finance and investment management.

Interparex is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience in financial management and engineering. Our aim is to solve your finance and engineering needs by providing the most efficient and affordable service.
Established in 2007, we specialise in fundraising and financial management to ensure that your project is delivered in a timely manner. We have a diverse team of professionals who are experts in their field. Our success is the result of our investments in technology, innovation, and our team.

Oil and gas

We operate in a global energy business with a broad reach across the world’s energy industry. Interparex Group's energy purpose is to bring you the energy you need for your day-to-day life. We trade in wholesale petroleum products such as: Unleaded gasoline, diesel, ultra-low sulphur fuels, natural gases, marine fuels and lubricants, aviation kerosene, bitumens and petrochemical products. We have strategic supply alliances to ensure continuous and reliable delivery of products without interruption at competitive prices within the industry standard.

Who are we?

Interparex Group is an international financial & Project Management firm, our core values are integrity, credibility, transparency, trust, and diversity. We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in financial management and engineering. 
We document and manage the consequences and results of financing and investment projects.
We develop the most effective design for performing construction and real estate plans and projects, including the various industry and business structures for laws and customs regulations, business advice, asset administration, finances, taxation, mortgage management, control, and international currency control and management.
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National and International Management Services

Interparex Group is one of the most trustworthy and reputable project management companies worldwide. We deliver commercial and financial project maintenance, support assistance and services such as buildings and project management, property maintenance, trading, cleaning, compliance, power, and energy services. Interparex Group is an international leading provider of development and various other project management services. We offer bespoke business, project support, economic and project management solutions.
Understand and represent customers and clients in the State and other authorities (governments).
Legal due diligence of investment and property objectives and purposes.
Legal guidance on the process of privatisation of state property at all steps of performance and execution.

Project Management – Interparex Group.

Interparex Group - Project Management, is a blend of construction and building roles that can be outsourced to increase and improve the quality and position of the construction, building and other services performed within this industry. The Interparex Project Management Company maintains facilities such as offices, industrial buildings, manufacturing, hospitals, hotel buildings, and so on. We operate in the UK and many other countries and states throughout the world.
At Interparex Group, the customer always comes first. We will always take the best care of our partners, whether from local or international communities.
We assist SMEs, the cultural industry and enterprise organizations.
We build more sustained and integral communities for your consumers and stake holders.
We will obtain unique and motivated systems of producing, developing, and delivering social esteem and value by innovation and green reflection.
We defend and analyse the conditions of all environments we work in.
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Our unique and extraordinary convenience and project management solutions are performed and delivered by skilled, experienced and dedicated teams across several locations. Our dedicated team, techniques, and expertise have made us one ofthe world's leading financial management companies.
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Due to the accelerated increase of the industry, we have a network of engineers and architects across the world and various countries to serve our clients' requirements and needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our company’s projects and services.
Full Reporting
Each client's project is provided with a 24/7 Helpdesk which guarantees the steady running of the market and industry. This allows for a more refined and excellent communication channel along with a healthier connection with the customer and enhanced performance.
Easy Growth
Here at Interparex Group, we work with the environment and aim to reduce our carbon footprint by efficiently utilising power and energy. Our buildings, project management and administration continuously work on improving our delivery, performance, control, and management of special co-operations and services to help transfer any threats away from our customers.
Fully Managed
Our facilities supervision and management solutions enhance all workplaces, from construction, electrical sustenance and reactive electrical support to water processing assistance and other services. Our national, international, and technical facilities administration partners pride themselves on their high-quality service, performance and delivery.
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