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Who are we?

INTERPAREX GROUP is a company that comprises of distinguished financial experts and databanks investors with its registered and based offices in Hong Kong, Italy, United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, Guinea, Turkey and many other branches in the world. INTERPAREX Group is active in Business finance, Equity investment, trade investment, cryptocurrency investment, engineering, construction projects development trading commodities (oil, gas, mining) with the integrity of transparency over the years. We are a company of investors that uses stable profits and bonuses to climb the ladder of our investment goals.
INTERPAREX Group main key area of focus is to structure, raise and deploy funding for self-initiated or identified projects trough a coordinated and managed turnkey solution (PPP,BOT,BOO,TENDERS) process globally. Our Group has been an acquirer of businesses over the past years and now have investment in oil, gas and petrochemical, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, real estate, Infrastructures, mining, commodities trading, power and water treatment plants, Agriculture, Railways, Business Franchises.

How we help you with finance management.

Changing the world starts with you. We help you identify your highest-value opportunities, address your most critical challenges, and transform how you work. Interparex Group network is the world's leading expert in understanding how to combine insights and data to create and implement solutions that drive sustainable change and business growth.
“Interparex Group partners with clients in the Public, Private and non-profit sectors to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises or organizations to help them maximize the performance and impact of their people and programs. We have experts specialized in developing and managing complex solutions for clients in both sectors.”

INTERPAREX GROUP owns and operates a secured Fully Managed Private Placement Program Wholesale Asset Management Accounts with a Regulated well rated Management Company with over 70 years combined financial services experience whose traders work with ten of the largest and most respected banks in the world. The Programs are operated in five of the Largest Financial Centers ensuring the Highest Standards of Governance, Compliance and Professional Integrity.
We have a team of Banking and Finance industry professionals with over 35 Years Experience and a focus on SPFO(Structured Private Financial Opportunities) programs,Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), PPP (Private Placement Programs), Managed Bank Guarantee Programs, Monetization and Non Recourse Funding. Members of our Finance committee have worked in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 25 Banks. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors.

Financial Services

Who we work with.

We offer a range of different Consultations to assist our partenrs and clients to plan and execute the best strategies to help them safely and effectively achieve their long term development goals.

What we do.

Our Finance committee Team Members have broad and deep expertise in finance, asset planning, international banking, business and carefully structuring individuals and commercial wealth globally. We do not profess to know all the solutions but we certainly can give you more keys to more doors than most.

How we do it.

Because have Banking Insiders, we have access to contacts, people, and unique programs that are normally not in public circulation or commonly accessible. We have also seen, met and managed the money of the mega wealthy, unlocked doors for them and helped them multiply their asset positions dramatically which gives us expertise that few others possess. A consultation with us will arm you with a whole arsenal of financial options and tools you probably did not know previously existed. We can give you creative solutions that have successfully worked for other clients and businesses and help you develop a solid secure plan to chart your way forward.

Dedication to projects

What makes us different?

Our dedicated fundraising team has the highest success rate in the industry, with 100% of projects that we have fundraised for having reached their target or gone over their target. This is why our clients stay with us for years. Our diverse team of engineers provides high-quality engineering services, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of our clients. Our experienced financial management experts make sure that all funds are allocated in a transparent manner, making our projects more successful than any other company in the industry.

What can you expect?

We understand that each project is unique; hence, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they get what they want. We provide them with updates about their project at all times, which helps them stay on track with their goals and targets. If you need help raising funds or managing your finances, then you can always count on us!

Achieving success with our engineering expertise

We offer fundraising and financial management services for engineering projects that aim to tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges — from sustainable energy production to smart mobility solutions.

Continuous investment in renewable energy sources

With over 100 employees across four continents, we are committed to sustainability and work hard towards reducing our environmental impact. We've invested in renewable energy sources such as solar power, which has reduced CO2 emissions by 50% since 2015!

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