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Interparex’s corporate ethic and caliber of employees offer a security solution you can rely upon. We deliver state-of-the-art security services on which you and your business can depend upon. By outsourcing your manned guarding, you're putting your faith in us and we make sure your hours are met, last-minute absences are covered, rosters are well-organized, security personnel are friendly and well-trained, gatehouse processes are reliable, and your employees and visitors are safe.

Manned  guarding

Manned Guarding for Government and Private Organizations

With every passing day bringing new security and safety threats, the need for security services has increased dramatically in comparison to only a few years ago. Despite all of the incredibly well-plated, technologically sophisticated instruments and processes available, manned guards are still seen as the gold standard of the security world. Interparex has extraordinarily well-trained and dedicated security personnel that have qualified tough recruiting and training norms, meeting global standards. We know that the security need of every organization be it government or private is different and we are dedicated to fulfilling your unique security needs. Our security guards are trained to deal with security risks professionally and effectively. They are well-versed in the appropriate processes for dealing with small and big threats and will act quickly in case of any threat. In addition to our security standards, our professional guards are also very friendly. When guards are installed in your building, your employees can anticipate courteous and cordial interaction at the entrance.

Guarding Options: Armed and Unarmed

The security requirement of a government or private organization will be determined by the type of organization at hand. We will assess the danger level of your company and the amount of protection you need as expert security contractors.
A mix of armed and unarmed guards can be stationed around the perimeter of the building. In high-traffic locations where you require crowd control or emergency response, our unarmed patrol personnel can assist. Unarmed guards have superior defensive abilities and react to threats immediately, but their primary role is to maintain order and help employees and the general public.
Armed guards are stationed in areas where there is a high threat possibility or valuable assets are present. Armed guards will function as a deterrence to criminals and react to any serious threats in dire situations.


We know what you need

Interparex Group is a security company that offers tailored and bespoke security systems, surveillance and defensive measures to suit your needs.

Our security systems are foolproof

You get the best of both worlds: a safe and secure environment for your premises with the flexibility of our tailored solutions. We offer manned and unmanned aerial surveillance to help mitigate risks before they happen.

One of the most trusted names in security

Our clients include governments, private organizations and multinational corporations. Our experts have years of experience in security and surveillance, which means we can offer you the best service and monitoring solutions tailored to your individual needs.

What we have to offer

Access Control

To assess possible hot spots, Interparex staffs command centers and maintains closed-circuit cameras. Security Officers monitor access during normal business hours and respond to alarms at establishments that use control systems.

Screening of employees & Visitors

For Private businesses, federal office buildings, courts, and other government institutions, Interparex conducts staff and visitor verification to improve facility security.

Crowd Control

At today's public government facilities, the possibility of demonstrations and protests is great. To keep the public and people who work in these facilities safe, Interperax aids law police with crowd management.

Parking lot Security

Our Parking Lots and Structures Security Guards can keep your parking lots and structures secure for your customers and employees, Ensuring a hassle-free business for you and a delightful shopping experience for your consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why choose our professional Security Guards?

We provide security services to both Government and Private agencies in all states across the country. Our Security Guards are experts in detecting and assessing potentially dangerous situations, as well as responding appropriately. Each security guard is thoroughly screened, well-trained is physically fit, and subjected to polygraph tests if the client requests so.
Extremely Stringent Process Of Selection In Accordance With The Company Policy.
Regular And Exhaustive Training Complementing Our Standard.
Interparex Places Great Importance On The Quality Of Supervision, Operating Round The Clock.
Emergency Response Is Ensured By State Of The Art 24 Hour Control Room Operating 24x7 Hours Basis
Protection available around the clock.
Familiar with the security situation and challenges in the area

Other security services on offer

Unmanned surveillance

To satisfy the ever-changing needs of various sectors, Interparex provides a broad variety of modern security and surveillance systems. We now serve a variety of industries, government agencies, hotels, and resorts, hospitals, educational institutions, houses, infrastructure, and transportation. We provide effective, dependable, expandable, and integrated solutions to our clients as a key surveillance system brand worldwide. People, valuables, and sensitive data are all protected by Interparex’s intelligent security monitoring systems. We contribute to making the world a safer place by ensuring the safety, security, and productivity of numerous industrial operations. Our comprehensive security systems have been deployed in a variety of scenarios and provide complete coverage.

access control

Access Control Solution

Interparex uses best-of-breed access control technologies to secure people and property. Our professional security team has vast expertise in the access control market, having designed, installed, and maintained a wide variety of systems ranging from basic magnetic strips to the latest smart cards and biometric devices.
We will discuss with you the key areas where the access must be controlled and train your team on the usage of technology and what things to take care of to ensure total security. We take pride in taking care of our customers even after the installation and if there is any technical problem, need expansion or any confusion feel free to contact us we will be glad to assist you.

Drone Security with Autonomous Drones

By deploying our autonomous drone-in-a-box (DiaB) systems you can protect government, residential or industrial premises, high-value assets, or facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Run automatic perimeter patrols, get real-time data, and respond faster to intruders. We have developed a drone-based monitoring system powered by Interparex’s extensive APIs to perform complicated, automated operations. The programmed mission may manage the drone throughout its flight, from take-off to landing, by simply defining the flight route and parameters. We will install the drone as well as thoroughly train you on how to use it and program the perimeter on which you want it to patrol, you can contact us if you want to change the route of patrol in the near future.


CCTV Monitoring Service

Interparex provides CCTV cameras(DVR, NVR, Hybrid, Tribrid) and a wide range of security solutions to government organizations, corporations, and individuals of all sizes. We use the latest cloud-based storage system to store all the recorded videos and entail a simple GUI for easy access.
All of our systems are pre-configured to meet all of your remote surveillance requirements. You may see your video stream at any time, doesn't matter where you are on the globe, as long as you are connected to the internet or whether you choose to utilize a computer, smartphone, or tablet, the choice is yours.

A complete security service company

Our company's management structure includes tight communication, assessment, monitoring, and administration requirements that are an important element of the overall quality control and compliance process. Senior executives have vast expertise overseeing big security operations throughout the United States. The whole Interparex Security team is responsive to the demands of each customer thanks to the clear definition of duties and excellent delegation of management tasks. Interparex security also specializes in account transition and has considerable expertise in launching protective service operations in a range of contexts and lead times.
security systems

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