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Oil & Gas

Over several years, Interparex group has been heavily involved in extensive assortment of oil and gas projects. And in time, we gained a lot experience in this industry. Our group now operates in a global energy business with a broad reach across the world’s energy business.

Services for investors

We provide a range of services such as oil and gas consultancy, drilling, engineering, project management and more. For more information on what we provide visit our website or contact us for a consultation. Interparex Group energy’s purpose is to bring you the energy you need for your day-to-day life. We sell wholesale of petroleum products such as: Under leaded gasoline, diesel, ultra-low sulfur fuels, natural gases, marine fuels and lubricants, aviation kerosene, bitumen’s and petrochemical products. We have strategic supply alliances to ensure continuous and reliable delivery of products without interruption at competitive prices within the industry standard
Oil & Gas

Opportunities in oil and gas industry

The demand for energy products is universal, that’s why Interparex Group works closely with experts in chemistry, certified oil field engineers into pioneering new development and research in sustainable technologies to fight carbon emissions while creating more efficient petroleum. We are committed in meeting the ever demanding energy market to ensure that your daily life doesn’t stop.

We provide your best energy needs.

In a market full of uncertainties, you always need a professional opinion before taking any huge step or investing a huge amount. You need the help of a professional and experienced person, one who has enough knowledge in the relevant field and this is exactly what we offer you. At Interparex we help you to translate your queries and uncertainties. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum potential, profit and reduce the threat of any type of loss in business. With the help of our expertise you can gain the whole market potential. We are here to create solutions that suite best for your organization. Our custom crafted services are the answer to your worries. We operate on a national and international level to make sure that your business demand and supply does not get affected in any possible way.

Our People

At Interparex, we believe that the reason behind our hard work and success is our people. Our team has skill and experience in this field of work. They work hard to provide the best strategies upon which we perform and achieve success. We work and deliver results for long and short term projects. Our people are here to guide and assist you in any service you require. The reason behind our success is our set of diverse leaders that deliver superior outcomes.
We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who truly understand the significance of the work in this industry. We believe that the way to success is to utilize our assets to the fullest. We aspire to help our clients achieve their industry goals through our services. Our team is here to help generate the change in the organization. We provide effective, efficient and long term sustainable services combined with our modern and state of the art technology to help you grow and win among the competitors.

Our Services

At Interparex, we provide a range of services. Our offerings are not only to the private organization but also the government organizations. The wide set of services we offer include;
Oil and gas engineering
Oil and gas project management
Oil and gas Drilling
Oil and gas wholesale
Oil and gas consultancy
Oil and gas

Oil and gas Engineering

We provide services for engineering for oil and gas. We team up with our clients for construction of oil and gas pipelines, petrol and gas pump stations, underground and above ground production services. We have and we are still trying to alter the oil and gas engineering projects. Our team of professionals delivers wide range of engineering and procurement services for the current industry. We want to deliver sustainable, feasible and reliable services making sure that you do not face any public ire while launching the project. We want to work with the best client and ensure the best results at the correct time and place. We even work with the lowest possible investments. Our motto is to complete your work and deliver it on time and in the decided budget. We link directly with industry, markets, private and government organizations. We provide them with right equipment and material they need for any of their oil and gas engineering projects. Our engineers start from the very initial phase ensuring the project is done under professional supervision and under the estimated time and cost while eliminating any type of uncertainty.

Oil and gas project management

Starting and handling a project is a tough job that requires a lot of time, energy, cost and effort. It must be completed under professional supervision. The Interparex group offers long and short term projects for your oil and gas business. We provide a primary role in aiding our client with their long term aim and goals. We help the client complete and deliver their immense projects using the latest machinery and equipment. With the rise in global oil and gas trend, we keep up with our clients to provide them with the state of art experience. We work to provide engineering and mechanical services and project management to finishing, evaluation and complete implementation. We provide management and consultancy starting from the initial blue print, to designing and implementation. We have our professionals for sight administration. We work closely with our project management team to deliver the genuine outcomes. Each day our experts work with our team of leaders all across the industries. We help clients grow at a faster pace through our project management services including onshore and offshore sectors.

Oil and gas wholesale

We know that oil and gas products are always on demand. That is why we work with our demand and supply team to ensure the correct supply of petroleum products in the market. At Interparex, we reinforce the oil and petroleum sale and distribution. We provide oil and petroleum products at a wholesale, low rate in order to keep up with the market demand. We provide petrol, oil, gas and diesel to the commercial and industrial hub including private and government organizations. Interparex goal is to provide valuable end product to our wholesale consumer. We provide completely refined, carbon emitted, high quality product to the market. Our services are related to regulating and maintaining the oil and gas demand and supply in the industry.
oil and gas 6
oil and gas

Oil and gas drilling

With the increase in population comes the increase in vehicles and other modes of transportation. All of these can only work with an abundant supply of petroleum. With the huge increase in demand the availability of petroleum may decrease. But this does not mean that it still cannot be sourced and extracted from underground. Interparex group helps you in providing assistance in the underground drilling of oil and gas. At Interparex, we oversee the conduct our inspection and research and then help our clients in extraction and drilling of oil, gas or petrol. We achieve this result by the use of advanced machinery and technology. It also helps us to work and deliver the extracted product in less time with more efficiency.

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