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The term financial engineering is referred to as the use of various mathematical procedures to find the solution of a financial matter. It comprises of different financial techniques. All of the data and tools are from the financial or mathematical fields like statistics, computer science coding and economics. Some of the data is from the ongoing financial crisis or issues. The other term used for financial engineering is quantitative analysis. This is usually and commonly used by insurance companies, banks whether it is commercial or investment bank.

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Interparex’s valuation, hedge accounting, and risk management solutions are based on computational, mathematical, and numerical talents, as well as accounting and auditing knowledge. We have vast knowledge in both domestic and international financial markets, allowing us to assist our customers in all aspects of their company.

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We can offer thorough, accurate, and efficient fair value benchmarking for all your financial engineering needs, as well as consolidation and analysis of market risks and evaluation of more sophisticated valuation provisions and adjustments, using proprietary valuation and modeling methods.
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Financial engineering at Interparex

Interparex is a finance facilies group offering services in various fields of business especially finance. We provide various financial and other services in the industry. We specialize in the financial engineering field such as mortgage, quantitative analysis, finance and development. We do not only provide services to the local and private industry but also to the government and even international institutes. Our expertise and experience goes beyond time. With experience of more than 14 years, Interparex is the solution of all your financial troubles. We work and craft the optimum result for your business.

How we practice

We are always working to introduce some new and more efficient techniques in the financial field for our clients. Our mission is to provide them easy solutions to their immense business problems. We work with the help of our up to date mathematical and quantitative software’s. These tools and software’s helps us to assess the problem and implement the results. Our financial engineers perform these tests and foresee which technique is ideal and preeminent for your business. They also calculate the probability of loss or risk involved.

How non-financial businesses can benefit from financial engineering?

A small number of top executives have discovered that financial engineering may assist them in achieving their organizations' strategic goals. They discovered that, like previous technical advancements such as low-cost computer power, financial engineering has the potential to cut the cost of current operations while simultaneously enabling the creation of new goods, services, and markets.
Modern financial approaches have provided new answers for broad strategic issues in marketing, manufacturing, human resources, investor relations, and strategic restructuring. While it's important to be aware of new technology drawbacks. Failing to realize their genuine competitive worth may be myopic and sometimes dangerous. Managers that are looking forward must keep up with their competitors' successful use of potential advancements like financial engineering.

Why we are the right choice for your business

In all market conditions, the need for highly skilled professionals with particular expertise in financial engineering continues to expand as the speed of financial innovation accelerates. We utilize our decades of expertise to forecast how stocks and financial instruments will perform, as well as to manage portfolios and analyze investment risk. We are equally well-versed in financial theory as well as the historical behavior of certain markets. We build simulations using this information and our computer abilities so that clients may evaluate how particular investments are expected to perform and analyze their risks to assess whether or not they are willing to take the risk.
Applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and economic theory are all used in our financial engineering strategy. Investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, Fintech businesses, insurance companies, corporate treasuries, and regulatory authorities are among our customers. Financial engineering approaches are used to solve challenges including new product creation, derivative securities valuation, portfolio structure, risk management, and scenario modeling in these companies.
We are the team of experts you desire to work with. We do not only provide you with financial services but our team of experts are always ready to offer our services as well.  We are motivated and work with honesty, dedication, loyalty and integrity to maintain the trust and value of our clients. We work day and night to deliver our finest so that we do not disappoint our client in our work or break their trust. Our team comprises of experts having vast knowledge and experience in the field of finance engineering. We are continuously working hard in order to search more pioneering techniques for your business. We have a team consisting of diverse members from all across the places. Our sole purpose is to provide the optimum results and strategies for your business.

Interparex Finance Team

Our financial engineering services


Our experts are available all the time to perform and complete audit in any corporation or investment market. We offer monthly, quarterly or yearly auditing services.
At Interparex we provide various financial engineering services to our clients. Our services are specially tailored according to the requirements of our clients. We use our calculation and valuation tools to generate absolute, authentic, accurate and effective results. With a diverse range of people working together, we ensure to deliver what is expected from our team. We provide financial services in various aspects such as banking, forecasting, insurance etc. we aspire to be the prominent financial service providing group in the market. We provide our assistance:


With the help of our analytical software’s we can help you forecast your business based on the current and future situations of the market.


We assist in generating and implementing feasibility reports in business corporations.


We offer business report valuation. Our professionals offer services such as valuation of internal or external business reports.

How we help you launch new products using financial engineering?


The first and most important stage is to do a primary study and formulate a hypothesis that there is a market need and demand.

MVP Development

A minimal viable product is generated based on fundamental requests based on the research (both primary and secondary) completed in phase one. As a result of the input collected, this product will be improved further.

Workshop on Complex Model Design

A workshop is held to brainstorm and have a deep conversation about the complexity and build a new scope for the product based on the comments and recommendations obtained from users, designers, and engineers.


The first and most important stage is to do a primary study and formulate a hypothesis that there is a market need and demand.

Financial engineering at your fingertips

We provide financial engineering services to help you make well-informed decisions in the market. We specialize in building and analyzing data-backed financial models and providing timely and insightful solutions to your problems.

Experienced in mathematical formulas and programming

With over 10 years of experience in the field, we specialize in the use of mathematical formulas and programming for financial theories, analyses market trends, and building data-backed financial models that will provide you with a wealth of information.

Experts at financial analyses

Whether you're an analyst looking to take the next step in your career or a company looking for a partner to grow with, we have just the right amount of experience and expertise required to help you reach your goals. And because we have a wide range of expertise, we can work on a variety of different projects related to finance.

Approachable team members

One thing's for sure — our engineers are approachable. They're always willing to answer questions, engage in discussions about their work or offer suggestions based on their expertise. You'll notice that not only will they answer your questions but they'll also want to know what's been going on with you lately.

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