Energy & Lighting

We have expertise and tactics in designing, providing, supplying, introducing, and installing new energy-saving lighting methods for various advertising, manufacturing, industrial, retail, and several other sectors. We can also improve and update your current lighting system providing a different dynamic and adequate power and energy lighting solution.

You are in the right place for all your energy-saving lighting needs

Interested in updating your current lighting system? Interparex is a global leader in providing dynamic and adequate power and energy lighting solution.

We Help You Save

Interparex is a pioneer in solar power and energy solutions. We're harnessing the sun's power to help you save with cheaper, cleaner electricity.

Value for money is guaranteed

With value for money guaranteed and a trusted reputation internationally, we can provide you with high quality at affordable prices.

Customer service that goes the extra mile

We know that every customer is an individual with personal needs that must be met by a company with empathy. That's why we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy!

Solar Energy

We're here for you

Whether you're thinking of installing solar panels or you're just curious about our products, we're here for every stage of the process.

Invest in your future today

Saving money on electricity bills is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment. Investing in solar panels today will bring financial stability tomorrow.

We have answers for all your questions

We have answers to your most common questions so don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.

Why choose solar power

Economical & Safe

Switching to solar has never been easier or more affordable! We offer free consultations and site visits so you can assess your needs before deciding on which system is best for you. We have financing options available for qualified customers so you can get started today without breaking your bank!

Environmentally friendly

With rising electricity rates, it pays off to switch to solar panels. With solar panels, you are able to harness the sun's energy to power your house at a low cost - up to 85% lower than your current electricity bill.

Renewable Energy

At Interparex Group LTD, we invest in renewable technologies and have a mission to create a sustainable environment for future generations. Our expertise is in wind, ocean, hydropower, biomass, geothermal resources and biofuels. If you're looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills, our renewable energy solutions may be just what you're looking for.

Ocean Power

We are providing comprehensive ocean power solutions to the world. Our ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology offers limitless clean energy potential and can produce clean electricity on-demand 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Wind power

We know the wind industry inside out. Engaged in wind power plants, we are expert in wind power plants project development, operation and maintenance services.


Combining the world's most powerful renewable energy source with our cutting-edge research and design capabilities, we offer hydroelectricity solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and provide sustainable fuel for our planet's future.

Biomass Energy

We are one of the most experienced biomass energy providers with operations around the world. We provide biomass power plant design, construction and operation services worldwide.

Geothermal Energy

Leveraging our expertise in geothermal development, drilling and exploration, we help develop geothermal energy solutions.

Renewable energy

With the increase in population there is a surge in pollution and global warming in the world. Our efforts help reduce the effect of global warming in the upcoming future. And for that reason we are providing energy sources from the natural resources, that can be transformed into renewable energies. We use natural resources like, sun light, water, biomass and geo thermal energy. The renewable energy services we provide at Interparex are,

Wind energy

Interparex provides various wind energy production, maintenance, development and inspection services. Interparex is an independent organization and works solely for our own clients. We offer low cost effective and efficient wind energy services and utilities. Our services permit us to meet the total energy demands.
Warranty and support
Construction services
Maintenance services
Project management
Area Inspection services
Crafting and designing services

Hydro power electricity

The demand for Hydroelectricity is increasing everyday. Interparex group works as a supplier and also our engineers help to install the larger high performance equipment. Our team specilises in installing, upgrading and maintaining the hydro machinery. We try to provide constant maintenance to the turbines because if they are not working at full and efficient capacity they won’t be able to produce and reach the demand. Our team ensure that the turbines are always running at the complete capability. For hydro services our teams offer,
Installing and maintenance of the equipment.
Ensure the efficiency of the old and new units.
Increase the production ability by installing upgraded technology.
Provide engineering services for upgrading the machinery.
Provide engineering services for upgrading the machinery.

Geo thermal energy

At Interparex, we understand the term and importance of geo thermal energy. This type of energy is hard to generate as this is generated from the core of the earth which involves technical minds and heavy machinery. We utilize the heat that is generated from the core and transform it into usable energy. Our engineering team is fully aware of the challenges that are involved in the production of geo thermal energy. We offer geo thermal operation services that include
Exploration and experiment on the area of heat source.
Helping in installing the plant
Designing the strategy and feasibility for the marked field.
Complete management and supervision of the project
Drilling, operating and maintaining the plant.
geo thermal enenergy

Ocean power

Interparex is dedicated to provide its expertise and research in the ocean power energy development field. Our experts are always working on providing and developing latest machinery that helps to convert the ocean water waves into useable energy. Our team is always available to help with the process and to supervise if there is any inconvenience or trouble on the site. We test the generated energy to know if it is reliable and ready to be used. Our machines generate environmentally friendly electricity for consumption. We use the latest power development technology for producing clean, ready to use electricity that is all generated from the ocean water. We aim to simplify the installation and production process so that there is less human effort and more machine work involved resulting in time saving competent results.

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